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March 2013
The DNP-NMR, or Dynamic Nuclear Polarization – NMR has arrived.  This 600 MHz wide-bore coupled with a 395 GHz gyrotron is capable of 20 to over 80 times sensitivity compared to standard MAS experiments.  With the assistance of the NMR staff, this instrument is available for outside research and industry.  

January 2013
The 400MHz spectrometer has been upgraded with a prodigy probe and sample changer. Through the use of the prodigy, the 400 MHz spectrometer now has the sensitivity equalling that of a 700. For a detailed comparison with other probes, click on Comparision Artcle for the Prodigy probe.

Fall 2010
Vladimir Ladizhansky is featured in an article for the Portico. Read the article: Ladizhansky in the Portico.

January 10 2007
The 800 had its first birthday! Take a look at pictures of the 800's birthday.

January 9 2007
Pictures of the 800's installation can be found here.

January 3 2007
Those users that wish to use TopSpin 2.0 can do so by visiting either the computer lab in the MacNaughton Building room 305 or in the New Science Complex room 1203A.

December 1 2006
Happy Birthday! Our little 800 has finally been born. The charging rod was removed at 10:02AM and now it's on its own.

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