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Is there a submission form to fill out when I drop off my samples?
The sample submission form for external and internal users can be requested from: Dr. Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid

Are there instructions on how to use the 300MHz and 400MHz spectrometers?
Yes there are! You can optain the instructions by requesting a copy from Dr. Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid

How much sample do I need?
Dissolve 5 to 100 mg of sample in 600 microlitres  of  a deuterated solvent. The amount depends on the experiment. Proton requires much less than carbon, for example. The column height in the NMR tube should be 4 cm.

How do I prepare the sample to get the best results?
Make sure the sample does not contain any insoluble particles. Filter if necessary. Use good quality NMR solvents. Some solvents, like DMSO and D2O get 'wet' unless tightly sealed and the water peak in the spectrum can obscure areas of interest. Using a single ampule for each sample works best. These are available in stores.

What kind of NMR tube should I use?
Only Wilmad tubes of grade 506-PP or higher are allowed for routine use. Please contact NMR staff prior to using any other kind of tube.

The tube must not be chipped, cracked, or warped in any way or else it could damage or break in the probe (costing thousands of dollars to repair). New tubes can be purchased from Stores (in Science Complex) or by contacting NMR staff.

(Aside - don't bake your tubes in a hot oven to dry, or they may warp. If it is necessary to dry them, use a warm oven, and lay them flat.)

How did you get the 800 into the lab?
The window in the side of the building, the doors to the lounge and lab were all removed.


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