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The NMR Centre has a state of the art dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) NMR facility. The system is comprised of a 600MHz wide-bore magnet and a 395MHz gyrotron. By irradiating the sample with microwaves from the gyrotron, signal enchantments of up to 80 times can be seen.
The DNP probe is a triple-resonance, capable of doing 1H, 13C and 15N. In addition, it is connected to a low-temperature cooling unit. By cooling the bearing and drive air, in addition to the VT, temperatures lower than 100k can be achieved. The spectrometer is controlled via an ADVANCE III console, utilizing the latest topspin 3.x.
The DNP system at the NMR Centre is available for use by both internal and external users to the University. Please contact Dr. Vladimir Ladizhansky (vladizha@uoguelph.ca) for more information.

Image of a DNP-NMR system with associated cooling and gyrotron equipment.


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